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Sacramental Records

Open parishes maintain their own sacramental registers.  Individuals needing a copy of their sacramental records can obtain the record directly from the parish where the sacrament occurred.

Sacramental registers for closed parishes have been transferred to the Office for Archives and Records Management.

Information from sacramental records created after 1930 are only released to the individual who received the sacrament, to requesting church institutions, or persons who have a legitimate reason for requesting the record

Request for a sacramental certificate is limited to the recipient of the sacrament (n.b., exceptions are made for parents of children under 18, those with legal guardian status or an immediate relative if the individual is deceased).  Only the participant in the sacrament can request his/her own record.

Please submit your request in writing, signed by the participant and include your name (at time of sacrament), name of sacrament conferred (Baptism, Marriage, etc.), date of birth, your parent’s names (for baptismal records), approximate date of sacrament, where the sacrament was conferred (name and address of parish) and the address to where you want the sacramental certificate sent. You may use the Sacramental Request Form in lieu of a letter. You must also submit a clear photocopy of a state-issued photo ID.

We will take requests over the phone for canonical investigation from Parishes and Diocesan Tribunal in the United States.

Download the Sacramental Records Release Request form

Please send completed request forms to

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The Archives is a private institutional repository, whose primary duty is to serve the Bishop, Curial offices and Catholic parishes. The Archives makes available and extends its materials to researchers as permitted by canon law, civil law and privacy considerations.

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