Welcome to the Office for
Archives and Records Management!

Welcome to the Office for Archives and Records Management!

The mission of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois Archives is to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to records and artifacts that have historical, legal or administrative value that pertain to the operation of the Diocese, its parishes, agencies, institutions and people. The Archives was established in accordance with Canon 482, which invests the Chancellor with the responsibility for the Archives. The Archives Director reports to the Chancellor and is granted canonical faculties to fulfill this mandate.


Historic Sacramental Recordsare now available on ancestry.com

Meet Our Team

Katie Oubre
Katie OubreDirector
P.J. Oubre
P.J. OubreAssistant Archivist
Patrick Keen
Patrick KeenProject Archival Technician
Joan Reed
Joan ReedAdministrative Assistant

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