St. Agnes

Date Founded: 1867

Status: Active

County: Montgomery

Church Location: 216 E. Tremont St., Hillsboro, Illinois

Notes: Mass was first celebrated in Hillsboro about 1840 at a house that stood at the corner of East Seward and North Welch. Because of the increasing number of Catholics in the area, services were moved to the basement of a Unitarian Church. 

The first St. Agnes Church, located on Broad Street, was dedicated in 1867, but it was destroyed by a fire on June 1, 1931. For the next five years Mass was held at the Grand Theatre on West Wood Street. The cornerstone for the current church was laid in 1936. The basement of the church was used for services until the building was completed in 1941.

Records Available in Diocesan Archives for Genealogy Research: 

  • Baptisms: 1870-1930
  • Marriages: 1870-1930
  • Deaths: none
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