St. Mary

Date Founded: 1857

Status: Active

County: Jersey

Church Location: R.R. 1, Fieldon, Illinois

Ethnicity: German

Notes: "Westwoods" is not the name of the town, but the name given to the German immigrants (who came from a section of Germany known as Westerwald, or "Westwoods") who settled in the area around Fieldon in the 1850s. 

Mass was originally held in private homes until the construction of the first church in 1859. The second church was dedicated in 1897, but it was destroyed by fire on March 9, 1914. The current church was dedicated in the fall of 1914.

Records Available in Diocesan Archives for Genealogy Research: 

  • Baptisms: 1870-1930
  • Marriages: 1870-1930
  • Deaths: none
  • Notes: See: Jerseyville, St. Francis Xavier for earliest records.
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