St. Charles Borromeo

Date Founded: 1878

Status: Active

County: Clark

Church Location: 300 E. Jefferson St., Casey, Illinois

Notes: The first Catholic Church in Casey was a small wooden cottage, which was converted into a church and dedicated to St. Charles Borromeo. Mass was first held in the church on August 17, 1879. The church closed in 1897. In 1904, oil was found near Casey and the church was re-established. In 1913, the parish purchased the present church. It was an abandoned church that the parish renovated.

Records Available in Diocesan Archives for Genealogy Research: 

  • Baptisms: 1879-1897; 1915-1930
  • Marriages: 1927-1930
  • Deaths: none
  • Notes: Casey opened as a mission in 1878, but was abandoned after a few years. It reopened in 1904 as a mission of Marshall. See: Marshall, St. Mary for additional records.
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