St. Mary

Date Founded: 1864

Status: Suppressed, 2004

County: Macoupin

Church Location: 300 S. Putnam Rd., Bunker Hill, Illinois

Ethnicity: Initially Irish, later German

Notes: The first Catholic church in the area of Bunker Hill was built in 1854 in Ridgley, or Carroll Settlement, on Prairietown Road, just east of where it joins Route 112. It was named Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The depression of 1862 caused many of the Irish settlers to leave the area. They were replaced by German farmers and in 1864 the Bishop of Alton transferred the parish from Prairietown to Bunker Hill.

Mass was first held at the first St. Mary's Church on Christmas Day, 1864. In 1938, a tornado destroyed the steeple, but the church remained. On March 19, 1948 another tornado struck the church, this time demolishing the building. The current church was dedicated on April 16, 1950.

The building is still standing, but is no longer used for church services.

Records Available in Diocesan Archives for Genealogy Research:  

  • Baptisms: 1864-1930
  • Marriages: 1864-1930
  • Deaths: 1915-2004
  • Notes: No death records before 1915.
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