St. Anselm

Date Founded: 1877

Status: Merged, 2005

County: Calhoun

Church Location: Kampsville, Illinois

Notes: Merged with St. Agnes (Belleview), St. Norbert (Hardin) and St. Michael (Michael) to form St. Francis of Assisi parish. St. Anselm Church remains open and Masses are held there regularly. 

The first St. Anselm Church was dedicated on April 24, 1878. The winter chapel (later the sacristy) was built in 1925. On April 1, 1977 Mass was held for the last time at the 1878 church and the church was demolished shortly afterward. The current church was dedicated on June 26, 1977. 

Records Available in Diocesan Archives for Genealogy Research: 

  • Baptisms: 1877-1930
  • Marriages: 1878-1930
  • Deaths: none
  • Notes: Records combined with Belleview, St. Agnes. Does not designate which church event occurred at. 
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