Our Saviour

Date Founded: 1851

Status: Active

County: Morgan

Church Location: 500 E. State Street, Jacksonville, Illinois

Ethnicity: Irish

Notes: Construction on the first Catholic church in Jacksonville started in 1852, but was not completed until 1857. It was located just south of the Wabash Railroad tracks on North Sandy Street. The second church, located across the street from the present parish office, was dedicated on August 29, 1869. The current church was dedicated on June 9, 1977. The second church, which served the parish for over one hundred years, was demolished in December 1977.

Records Available in Diocesan Archives for Genealogy Research: 

  • Baptisms: 1858-1930
  • Marriages: 1858-1930
  • Deaths: none
  • Notes: See: Beardstown, St. Alexius and Springfield, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for earliest records. 

Earliest records for Jacksonville found in the records of Springfield, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

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